Time Promises Power - Tonight the Stars Revolt (FCS = Trouble Remix)

A remix for our label mates Time Promises Power. Will end up on a EP/LP with more new tracks from TPP + other remixes of the same track by Caro and Fucking in the Streets. A great original, so it was a hard task to not mess with what they had already captured so well.

05.06.2007. 20:19

FCS - 2009 (LP)

New album?

Yes, Yes. We're in the midst of hiding out and tracking the followup to Say Go. Something to note, Jayson from Sun Tzu has been playing with us of late ... he's on a few of the new FCS tracks and we're hoping to get him on more.

Look out soon for FCS BREAKS.

Ruede Hagelstein - Yes We're Late (Remix)

title : Ruede Hagelstein - Yes We're Late! (Remixes)
format : 12"
released : 04/2007
label: freundinnen

A1. "Sweaty Balls" (Benjamin remix) A2. "Heaven Is On Fire" (Fcs North Shhh remix) B1. "Sweaty Balls" (Kaos & Me Reel To Reel mix)

One of our fave producers as of late ... We had a good time remixing Ruede's original (and, not yet released) song. Live drums, some synths. We couldn't resist building a mix around Ruede's sweet voice. Make sure to pick up the 'Sweaty Balls' 12" to check out the original of that song. The Kaos and Theves mixes are great deconstructions.

De:Bug (June, 2007)
Der Kaos & Me Remix versucht eine Italostimmung mit zirpenden wehenden Synthvorhängen zu einer minimalen Hymne umzustimmen und das klappt durch und durch gut. Und wenn man keine Angst hat mitten im Track mal auf dem Mond zu landen ist das perfekt für Abende, in denen alles wie im Frühmorgen-Nebel swingt. Der Benjamin Remix von "Sweaty Balls" ist dagegen spleenig bratziger Funk mit viel gerubbelten Sequenzen und Synths, die nicht aufhören wollen einem in die Ohren zu nuscheln. Der Abschluss mit dem skurril überdrehten Vocaltrack "Heaven Is On Fire" im FCS North Shh Remix zeigt dann endgültig, dass Freundinnen kein Label ist, dass einen bestimmten Stil erfüllen will, sondern eben einfach gute Tracks rausbringt, die einen immer wieder überraschen.

03.06.2007. 23:28

In the Fall (Mix, MM012)

Our newest DJ mix can now be found over at mass.mvmnt. It's a collection of our fave tracks over the last year or so. Not a 'best of 2k6' by any means, just a mix of what we've been playing out. If you've caught any of our sets ... in between the chaos we manage to slip in some live instruments and remixes all over this. If you want, you're more than welcome to slip this into your CDDJ and make a room dance, that's what it's for. Enjoy.

Track List :

| 1 | john rocca - englishman in ny
| 2 | hot toddy - slave to you
| 3 | morgan geist - 24k
| 4 | force of nature - unstoppable
| 5 | isolee - lost ( ... and stripped by the glimmers)
| 6 | christian Rottler - Feuer (marlow/comic mix)
| 7 | d.o.i. - to r
| 8 | upsets feat. zero - ethno (natural re-edit)
| 9 | Spektrum - Don't Be Shy (edit)
| 10| chicken lips (talking headit)
| 11| I really do love you
| 12| fcs - arc (come on kick it)

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A Gun Called Tension - Margin (Remix)

title : A Gun Called Tension - Margin (Remix)
format : LP
released : ?
label: ?

AGCT went in the studio earlier in 2006 and recorded an excellent second LP. We produced & remixed a version of Margin - adding a mix of live drums, bass, keys & samples.. The LP isn't out yet, but when it is - look for our version in the middle of the album when it is.