Say Go

Say Go is out of the gates ... Thanks to the Mvmnt for hosting a record release party and thanks to all of you that came out and showed support. Matt was on percussion, TPP's light theremin popped some speakers. Choice.

Say Go was entirely recorded within the walls of FCS.. Some of you might be wondering 'hey FCS what does it sound like?'. Well, we encourage a listen ... we're psyched, and there has been a few changes over the years. FCS = Andy, Joshua & Mune. There's some vocals, and we've been enjoying pushing our groove. For us it's definitely FCS. Check out some samples of Say Go here

Awards. The Seattle Weekly has nominated us for a 'best electronic' award this year. Yeh! We love electronics. So, you should a) drop us a vote over here. We heard rumors of winnings involving a sailboat and world peace. You want that for us right?

Also! We're going to pull a DJ set at the showcase on April 29th in Ballard.

04.04.2006. 07:39